The Teller’s Apprentice

The Shard of Elyon (Book One)


When worlds collapse, every man becomes a warrior.

Liel is the apprentice of Ronis the Teller and future guardian of Valdegurd, a world at the climax of peace and prosperity. Then a long-forgotten nation of exiles returns to retake an inheritance promised three hundred years ago, and Liel’s world burns.

Led by a man with a power he should not possess, the nation of Rhyn leaves death and devastation behind its unstoppable advance. Desperate, Liel takes upon himself the ancient magics of Time and Earth in a decisive bid to save his world from the man prophesied to win.

14 June 2014: First concepts for the world of Valdegurd.
16 February 2015: Completed planning and began writing.
29 March 2016: Completed the first draft!
16 April 2016: Began the second draft.

Status (7 June 2016)
Outlining the second draft.


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