The Authority Card

Project Steel (Book One)


“I am Steel.”

Forced from his home territory by a dark hunter seeking a scavenged Cortith Imperial card, Tritheran scavenger Rike Steel relocates to Trither’s metropolis, Etra, where he forges a new life for himself as a scavenger of the greatest city in the world. But when he stumbles into the company of a group called the Jahvites, he learns what makes the card so important—its authority allows the wielder to pierce through Cortith Imperial’s security, see into its dark depths, free its captives. In the escalating tension as Cortith Imperial hunts and persecutes the Jahvites, Rike must decide whether he will risk the rising shadow’s wrath by wielding the power of the authority card.

20 January 2014 — First draft completed at 74,321 words.

Temporarily shelved. Its current status has most of a second draft plotted out; the draft will likely change before I write the draft, however.

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