If you’ve been a reader of this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m a writer. Science fiction, science fantasy, space opera and epic fantasy are my favourite genres in which to write. Oh, and I’ve been dabbling a little bit in steampunk recently.

I’m not published. (Yet.) You have full permission to read about my stories, but you likely won’t be reading the stories themselves for quite some time. Of course, depending on whether or not you’re a good friend of mine, I might send you the unfinished draft in return for a critique.

Below I’ve listed a few of my main writing projects. (Completing an exhaustive list would be exhausting.) New ones may be added as time goes by, and old ones may be removed. Some writing projects have linked titles which lead to pages with more information. Those are the ones I’ve begun to write or of which I’ve completed a first draft. In effect, the ones I myself know most about. Enjoy your read.

Project Steel

Project Steel marks the furthest I’ve ever got with a book, with The Authority Card on the second draft. The story is science fiction with a dash of steampunk, set in a quadruple star system, and follows a primary cast through a series of small-scale operations in a much larger overall plot.

  1. The Authority Card
  2. Space Wolf

Legends of Valdegurd: The Shard of Elyon

Legends of Valdegurd: The Shard of Elyon is my most developed project to date and is expected to run for five books, although I’ve been debating whether or not the story I want to tell requires six books. This is an epic fantasy saga in a time period reminiscent of the post-medieval age.

The Teller’s apprentice defies the chosen one.

  1. The Teller’s Apprentice
  2. The Splinter of Night
  3. Crowns of the Eldir
  4. The Mask of Ruin
  5. Elyon’s Shard

Hit List

Hit List is a conceptual seven-book series in the same vein of story as Project Steel, a science fiction saga focusing around a small core cast. Besides these similarities, it’s also set in the same galaxy, despite being several hundred years later.

A subhuman barred from law enforcement hunts the galaxy’s most wanted.

  1. Hit List: Winds of Vadar

Legends of Arathea

Legends of Arathea is an idea first posed by my older brother. He suggested to a few young writers like me that we create a world together, write short stories set in that world, and publish anthologies of the Arathea stories as eBooks. My enthusiasm for this idea has been temporarily shelved by the One Year Adventure Novel course, but I hope to return to Arathea soon.

  • Dragonfang — A dragon rider is forced to fight his rogue dragon mount.
  • Ieran’s Rune — A young weatherman works to stop a traditional human sacrifice.
  • Ravira’s Cast — A superstitious clansman flees a seer’s cast destining him for death.

And finally, unless you’re looking for bounties, ignore this: Braan Drallig.


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