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Ma Belle Sœur

It speaks for itself…unless you don’t know Français!

ma belle


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Offroad? Why would I have that as a title for a post? Weird, isn’t it?

The reason why? I’ve been going off track with my blogging. I didn’t do it yesterday, or the day before… :P

Well, again, without doubt, little kids are cute.










Here, in a little ‘house’ I made for J2 and J3, I was trying to get them both to stick their tongues out at the same time…sigh…










And I didn’t get a picture of that. :P











Well, they went a little crazy after that. I have more photos (including one of J3 apparently trying to bite J2) but I’m not going to post them on this blog (unless necessity calls).

To finish off: (the best so far)


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Not necessarily the goat-kind. I mean the kids in our family. The human kids.

Little kids can…

  1. be the makers of great messes
  2. be persuaded to help pack up the messes they have made
  3. be the bringers of laughter
  4. etcetera, it would take all day to get through the list.

You can even shelve kids for a more convenient time!


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While I’ve been away, Owliburd’s posts have ruled. He hasn’t posted any since I left, so that’s good…but he’s got the most views. 22 views this week on the Haharr! I am here! post. And that’s just this week.


I have been absent on this blog for a long time. Since Friday, no posts. Well, Friday is understandable, since we were on a short holiday, but the rest of the days…hmm. As I said earlier, I’m thankful that Owliburd hasn’t taken over the blog in my absence.

On Friday, our entire family journeyed to Pigeon Bay for a holiday. For the afternoon. The morning was spent just trying to get there.

At Pigeon Bay, I saw various kinds of sea and beach life and nonlife…

  1. Seagulls (this is rather ordinary)
  2. Crabs
  3. Rock fish
  4. Starfish
  5. Snails
  6. All kinds of shells
  7. Seaweed (You mean to say people actually EAT that stuff?!)
  8. Barnacles (and I did not get any blisters from them)

There were a few small black rock fish, but there was one HUGE fish (for a rock fish) that was about 10cm long.

Several creatures in this picture. There’s a starfish, a rock fish, lots of barnacles, some shells…and a snail or two.

My Grandfather’s boat is Short Circuit, the one in the middle. And yes, I did get to ride (and steer) it…

Yes, well, I seem to have grown since you saw me last. That is, if you have ever seen me at all.

The Elven Halls…

My youngest brother during the time when we were packing up.

And, finally:

So people actually eat that stuff. Bleugh…


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Familial Pictures: Joshua

Joshua, Josh, Joshy, Bub, Baby…all names that we use for the youngest member of our family.

Typical smile












Typical ‘interested’ look












Only a year old…and he’s reading!










Joshua loves getting into things…










…some of them that he probably shouldn’t…










…and he even goes back and does it again!




















He likes doing the real things with the real tools…










…and watches when his older sister does it for him.










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