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Bacon and Eggs

I woke up today at five something in the morning with my mind still on the book concept I’d been thinking through the previous evening—as if nothing had happened. Nothing, as in no pause in my mental circuitry. That’s normal for me. I don’t know why. But actually, something had happened—just not in the mental realms.

My nose had decided to upgrade to a greater level of production without my consent.

My throat had decided to start fires, again without my consent.

After a long period of mental rambling, nasal trumpeting, recitation, and meditation, I finally went back to sleep at six something.

We are currently having two weeks of school holidays. This next part wouldn’t work in the school term. (I love the holidays.) I woke up at an unrecorded time and stayed in bed until half past ten, attempting to continue thinking through the book concept I had been thinking through the night before. However, after a short period of thinking, my room was invaded by people of all flavours, one checking up on my condition, another packing for a camp in the second week of these holidays, others wandering in just to talk and inform me of everything I’ve missed, asking me when I was going to get up, serenading me with ukeleles, fiddling with my Lego pirate ship which my older brother had kindly rebuilt for me yesterday. And when they finally all left, I wasn’t in the thinking mood.

However, before I got up, my mother had suggested breakfast in bed, and one of my siblings jumped on the idea. He decided to make me bacon and eggs for breakfast. This is a one-of-a-kind thing in our family, occurring about once every one or two years.


No, I did not eat them in bed. I dragged myself out of bed before that and hovered over his shoulder at points until he finished cooking my breakfast. The bacon and eggs were great, despite being a little cold. But who cares. I’ve got a little cold as well. (Bad pun.)

And I guess that’s all I’ve got to say. (Except that we buy bacon in packs of six, and my brother ate one and a half pieces and shared out the rest.) Since it’s the holidays, I have more time on my hands, and I may possibly write a few more blog posts. I’ve got some ideas brewing, the preeminent one a hypothesis about writing. And on that, I’ll leave you in suspense.

Do you often have bacon and eggs for breakfast?



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Muffin Quest

My grandmother, who we lovingly call Nan, usually stops by at our little rural settlement once a week. And when she does, she brings all sorts of delectable treats: quiche, Nancake, and…muffins. Today was one of the days when she graced our household with her presence and presents, and she brought the delectable treats she always—well, almost always—brings.

For me to adequately tell this story, I need to do an infodump first. I have two brothers who are allergic to wheat. For one of these brothers, Nan brings a special kind of muffin without wheat in little round plastic containers for butter. These muffins play a pivotal part in this story. For the rest of us who aren’t allergic to wheat, Nan brings larger muffins.

After tea, I was searching for the three leftover muffins from lunch that, according to rumours I had heard, were on the bench. I found nothing. I searched the pantry and the fridge. Still nothing. I concluded that the muffins had disappeared either into the mouths of ravenous siblings or Nan had taken them home. It was then that one of my younger brothers pointed out a little round plastic container on the top of the pantry, one exactly like the little round plastic containers Nan brings my wheat-allergic brother’s muffins in.

I took this container down and tested its weight. It wasn’t empty, so I opened it. Inside lay four stinking, rotten, wheat-free muffins. I’d found muffins. But not the kind I was looking for.

After showing everyone who wanted to see (and some people who didn’t want to see) the repulsive contents of that container, my dad ordered me out the door, through the dark, down to the gate, where I was to drop the One Ring into the fires—ahem. Where I was to drop the One Container, muffins and all, into the gaping mouth of the rubbish bin, which had been taken out for rubbish collection day tomorrow. I packed a torch, a coat, and set out on my quest.

Down to the gate through the blackness of night, guided by the light of my torch. The muffin quest was on. Through the gate, out onto the road, and into the bin went the four rotting muffins in their dusty plastic container.

All questers face opponents, and this was no exception. A slug invaded my shoe as I turned away from the fires of Mount—away from the gaping mouth of the rubbish bin. I flicked it off my foot and returned without mishap to the house.

Thus ended the muffin quest, and I suffered no lasting wounds from the slug’s antagonism. I wonder what happened to those original three muffins, though…


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The Leaning Tower of Toasty Pies

This is our lunch today. The Leaning Tower of Toasty Pies!
(made by the blog owner)











And it only fell over twice.

I can make twelve of these in twenty minutes. (It’s the cooker that is slow, not me.)

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