17 Dec

The weekend before the one we’ve just had, I took 313 photos, not including deleted photos.

I have high hopes that the owner of Shining Arrows was able to shoot photos in hope of reaching the highest score for this weekend.


My score for yesterday and the day before was:


I shall wait for a score for my opponent’s photo count.

As I write this, my 275 photos are downloading (well, just finished downloading) and are now waiting for me to post a few here.

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 4.21.50 PM

A little brother during the morning.

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 4.22.00 PM

Same little brother…

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 4.22.46 PM

An impulse shot out the window.

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 4.22.09 PM

Another little brother on the way to church.

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 4.22.56 PM

After church; the littlest brother…

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 4.23.05 PM

Carol service in the evening; it was hot. That’s all I have to say.

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 4.22.21 PM

A tree.

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 4.22.36 PM

The night sky out my bedroom window.

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 4.23.12 PM

Yes, I was playing with the ‘Night Landscape’ function…

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 4.23.23 PM

…and I got these.



Posted by on December 17, 2012 in Friends and Family, Photography


2 responses to “GAME! SET! MATCH! OVER!

  1. Sayna

    December 17, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    Really! I was SOOOO busy in the weekend!!! :X
    We are still extremely busy loading hay into our shed, with over 50 bales to go in before tonight.
    My photo count for the week-end?: was well, 19. End of matter.. ;)

    If I could compete with scratches instead of photos. I have over 1.2 million of them.
    Now I WONDER who won? Also take note that I didn’t catch hay fever. :D


    • Matthew

      December 18, 2012 at 12:29 pm

      Oh well, next weekend will come soon enough…!


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